Emails to reserve your stay:



Jomtien-beach-condo(Rimhad)***Oceanfront condo***

Long Stay Rental (Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand)


@No. of Guess@
- Not more than 3 guess allowed. Not allowed any pet inside room.

@What should guess prepare@
- We do not supply soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper and drinking water cause of Family mart(convenient shop) is at the front of condo, so you can walk about 2 minutes and get all above into your room.
- At check-in we will prepare these linens for you: At least 4 clean towels/At lest 2 clean sheets/At least 1 comforter blanket/At least 4 pillows with 4 pillow cases
- If you need mobile phone and sim card, it will be charge for 900 Baht(50 Baht in sim card)
- If you need Wi-fi, it will be charge for 500 Baht/month

@Changing Check-in date@
- You can change your check-in date up to 1 month prior to your reserved check-in date and it will be charged for 2,500 Baht 

@Cancellation policy@
- You can cancel your reservation and receive 50% refund on your reservation deposit up to 1 month prior to your reserved check-in date. Please understand, after that there will be no refund on your deposit.


(Picture from S1 Building)