Emails to reserve your stay:



Jomtien-beach-condo(Rimhad)***Oceanfront condo***

Long Stay Rental (Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand)


1. Check “Availability” here
2. Email me to confirm availability (
3. I send you the Paypal agreement request email to pay for your deposit. Follow the link to pay your deposit within 1 week
4. After you paid your deposit, please email me your arrival/departure information(Date and time).
5. I will confirm you back to confirm your reservation and update “Availability” in my website


At check-in, your total rental fee is required, your 5,000 Baht reservation/security deposit paid in advance will be refunded to you on your check-out day.


@Cancellation policy@
- You can cancel your reservation and receive 50% refund on your reservation deposit up to 1 month prior to your reserved check-in date. Please understand, after that there will be no refund on your deposit.



(Picture from beach in front of Jomtien-beach-condo)